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Over 30 million people around the world suffer from some form of Diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes is by far the most common. Now, more and more people are battling other serious life threatening lifestyle diseases, Diabetes is one of them. It is a chronic disease that affects the blood sugar levels in the body and can have serious complications if not properly treated or managed. Unhealthy foods and inactive lifestyles are the root cause of this serious pandemic. With the rises of such diseases in the society all around the world, doctors and other medical practitioners are straining to treat and provide medical attention to many suffering cases despite hard conditions such as strained financial resources and medicine for buying the drugs.

It is not wonder there are numerous wonder diets, super foods and all-cures pills pouring in all over the market claiming to be able to cure some of the diseases as people are now more aware and trying to combat them by staying healthy. Diabetes Destroyer is one such book seeking to provide redress to ailing Diabetic patients all over the world.

Types of Diabetes
Normally the body is supposed to convert the consumed carbohydrates into glucose, a form of sugar. Glucose is an energy source for the body cells and insulin a hormone produced by the pancreas that is used to absorb glucose. When the body cells develop a resistance to insulin, the body may stop producing the hormone and eventually lead to a buildup of blood sugar or Glucose, this is the condition known as Diabetes.

Type 1 Diabetes
This is the condition whereby the body cannot produce its own insulin and Diabetics must control blood sugar levels with regular insulin injections. It is the most serious form of the disease.

Type 2 Diabetes
This is the condition where the body blood sugar levels rise abnormally due to the body’s inability to process insulin. It is the most common form of the illness and the number of affected people grows annually, year after year new case of the disease are reported. There is no known cure of the disease yet but it can be effectively controlled and managed by following a strict schedule of exercise, healthy diet and occasional medication.

Complications that could occur are high blood pressure, hypertension, diabetes stroke, disease of the kidney, ketones, numbness in the feet, gastroparesis. These complications are fatal and if not treated well could lead to a patient succumbing to death.

An ideal type 2 Diabetes diets should contain carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Protein; the idea sources of protein would be nuts, fish, turkey, whole-grain bread, nonfat Greek yoghurts which can replace sour cream for cooking… Most fruits and vegetables are relatively safe and provide essential fibers and antioxidants can be eaten by diabetics e.g. cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots. Walnuts and avocados which are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats also help lowering cholesterol in the body.

Diabetics should avoid sugar, white meat, white flour and excess salt, tea and coffee. A gluten free diet should be maintained as it is very high risk for diabetics because it increases blood sugar level. Potatoes, peas and corn should be eaten in small portions as they have a high carbohydrate content.

Saturated foods such as cheese, butter, gravy and dried fruits should be eaten minimally or opted out of the diet. Processed meat, French fries, hot dogs, chocolates, and most packaged foods should be absolutely avoided.

Diabetes Destroyer

This is a book written by David Andrews, a former type 2 diabetic who is well known for Diabetes Destroyer Reviewrunning a 5 star restaurant. It contains information on causes and symptoms of type 2 diabetes and how to manage and eventually cure the illness. The book is widely advertised and promoted on many websites online.

The book claims to provide a permanent cure for diabetes through strategic dietary, exercise and lifestyle changes. It basically reduces dependency on Metformin and Insulin and eventually cures diabetes over period of time. The author David Andrews provides information on methods that worked out for him during his illness and seeks to inform and help other diabetics by enabling them to cure themselves of Diabetes.

How does Diabetes Destroyer help?

Diabetes destroyer is sold online as a cure-all guide book to eliminate type 2 diabetes by creating food and dietary awareness. It seeks to reduce insulin and metformin intervention during treatment by using natural methods to create a better state of mind through healthy dieting which controls weight thus boosting self-esteem.

The Diabetes Destroyer book includes advice on diet plans, meal rationing and suggestions, carbohydrate and calorie conversion tables, and how to start and maintain a healthy active lifestyle. Information is provided on how to follow a proper food routine and make healthy food choices for diabetics.

It contains a 3-step module program:

1. Dietary Management
It entails nutritional information on foods that Diabetics should avoid such as sugar, white meat, white flour and excess salt, tea and coffee. A gluten free diet should be maintained as Dietary Managementit is very high risk for diabetics because it increases blood sugar level. If you are diabetic you should also avoid saturated fats such as cheese, butter, gravy and dried fruits should be eaten minimally or opted out of the diet. Processed meat, french fries, hotdogs and other processed foods should be avoided by the patients. The author David Andrews mentions the Breakfast secret which entails nutritional foods that should be taken to boost metabolism and nutritional levels throughout the day.

2. Amplify Metabolism
It provides a 30-second workout program that increases insulin production and keep metabolism high throughout the day if done well. The book mentions 3-berry supplements to boost your diet and improve nutrition.

Amplify Metabolism

3. Meal timing
This entails following a meal plan by taking moderate nutritious portions of food at specific times during the day to replenish the body of its lost vital nutrients. You will get the information on the breakfast secret that contains information on how to keep glucose levels in check throughout the day.
food timing meals

How well Does it Work? Is it a scam?
The books provide detailed information on healthy diets and exercise to follow and are available online at affordable prices in pdf format. Some controversies surrounding the book are; that it is not backed by scientific research by a third party from research institutes or medical practitioners, it has no government regulation or oversight though this can be said about many books due to the high number in the market.

It also does not offer any other type of advice except exercise and dietary plans and buyers should be cautious of untrue or exaggerated reviews found online by people who may not even be qualified medical practitioners or people who give untrue reviews for unethical purposes.

Despite all these it is not necessarily bad since most information is mainly risk free and is focused on improving physical health that is worth investment, and physical and dietary advice which is not detrimental to health.

Diabetes Destroyer reviews have been generally positive and many are impressed on the effectiveness of its methods in treating and controlling the type 2 diabetes. Some reviews from medical practitioners have also been positive since the techniques and strategies applied by David Andrews are scientifically based and have been proven to be effective in past incidences.

Watch The Video How it’s Work in 3 Step Module

The program puts you in control of your health. You are able to monitor and keep track of your diets through worksheets for meal planning and Diabetes symptom tracking. Through this, not only do blood sugar levels decline but also weight loss and management is made possible through the diets and exercise. It informs you of the interrelationship of the food you consume and gives better lifestyle options which leads to better control of the illness.

The book offers a holistic treatment for Type 2 Diabetes with information ranging from dietary to exercise strategies to treat and manage the disease and control weight loss at a realistic pace or period of time.

It leads to the eventual cure from the disease.
The program is a health care innovation that weans the patient from insulin and metformin over time and the methods used can be scientifically supported after a standard research that shows the Diabetes cures the effects of the disease over period of real time.

In the other side, it provides information on glucose spiking foods and habits that should be avoided as they increase blood sugar level to dangerous levels causing inflammation to body organs.

Moreover, you can access the videos that provide information on the goals of the program offering diabetic nutrition and lifestyle aspects that help cure the illness completely.

Later I mentioned about 30-second workout that boosts metabolism. It is also the important element which brings the advantage of the program. It provides a 30 second exercise regimen to follow to boost metabolism and increase insulin production by the body leaving you feeling physically fit and energetic throughout the day.

Then there is healthy snack guide, the book contains a guide on foods considered harmful to diabetics such as sugar, white meat, white flour, excessive salt, coffee and tea that cause irritation and inflammation to organs. These foods are detrimental to health as they cause the body to go on override trying to process them.

Increase consumption of white sugar causes irritation and robs the body of vitamins and minerals during digestion. Fast foods and gluten contained in the foods should be avoided and people who are suffering from Diabetes should be advised to consume real food and water.

You are advised to have meals frequently in small portion, to keep energy levels high throughout the day and controlling weight loss in the long-run through prevention of overfeeding. In other words, you are properly taught to have a better lifestyle.

The Diabetes is available online at friendly prices on many online sales websites and can be bought by buyers at the comfort of their homes and later shipped to them.

The outstanding advantage of this program is the 60 day refund policy. Buyers are offered with the refund feature without questions.

The most noticed side effect of this program is lifestyle changes. You will require being disciplined and committed since you will have to follow a strict regime in order to get expected results. People who suffer from this disease are required to make drastic lifestyle changes and this may be hard depending on a person’s ability to cope and adapt to change.

In the other side, result can only be noted after a long period of time. People who suffer from Diabetes will require lots of patience as it is a chronic and fatal disease and the methods recommended in the Diabetes Destroyer take a significant amount of the time before any results are noted. You should note that type 2 diabetes is hard to treat since the body cells have developed a resistance to insulin yet the body still produces the hormone but scientist continue to advance in new forms of treatment for the disease, the cure might not be far off into the future.

Controversies about the effectiveness of the books method in actually curing the disease since it is chronic and affects hormonal balance of insulin in the body.

Diabetes Destroyer Rating


Hi, thanks for stopping by, I’m Leesa … In this Blog I’ll review the very popular Reverse Diabetes Types 2 Book leesacalled Diabetes Destroyer. I bought, tested, researched extensively and analyzed just about everything you need to know about The Diabetes Destroyer, including the BAD and the NEGATIVES, how does it work, how effective it really is, who’s the creator of Diabetes Destroyer, user feedbacks, Science behind it, Clinical Studies., etc., …so if you want to know if This Diabetes Destroyer will help you Jump start your Insulin Factory, Amp Your Metabolism, Meals Timing to overcome diabetes, look and feel better, Saves time, Improve your health etc., You will love the deep research and analysis I did about The Popular Diabetes Destroyer Program by David Andrews.


How to Get Started?
The Diabetes Destroyer is easily accessible and affordable. It can be bought from a licensed and reputable source. Buyers should be wary of buying from unlicensed sources otherwise you could end up buying something substandard or that does not relate to what you had intended to buy.

Based on the information provided Diabetes Destroyer is not a scam and there is no proof to indicate so, however it does not offer anything revolutionary that is not already known. Individuals looking for a guided way to manage their illness can benefit from Diabetes Destroyer through they should look upon it with few expectations and read and research on it so as to make an informed decision before purchase. If you want to take your copy. you should buy from ➡ Diabetes Destroyer Official Website to get latest discount price & bonus books. 🙂